(Especially with reference to songs or poetry) a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia that is supposedly characteristic of the Portuguese temperament.
This collection takes you back to how old days and habits once were. It was inspired by an old photo featuring a pale blue volkswagen parked by a beach in the 70's in Portugal. The founder has a special relationship with the sea and the colors too made the perfect inspiration for the launching of the brand and the collection SAUDADE, the exclusive line of DLANDERSEN. 
The Saudade collection is a locally sourced and in-house made collection. The materials are hand picked, featuring only the best of them. Organic fibers, merino wools and silks are a constant and they are a re-interpretation for what the old days long-lasting quality means to us. 
Non-pretentious but with a down to Earth vibe, Saudade takes us to a place where we rarely go. Using slow fashion principles and taking peculiar attention to the smallest details, the dresses were tailored and handmade with all the love every piece of clothing should actually receive whilst being created. 
Saudade means "longing" for something or someone and such is the epynom description of the designer behind the brand. An Algarvian with deep roots to the sun and the sea living and working in Copenhagen makes 'saudade' materialize itself every single minute. 
The founder has a very nostalgic and romantic approach to how her life is and how a closet should be filled. Not only our life but our closets too should be filled only with the things that we really need. And those things should fill us with joy and care. 
Saudade is supposed to make us enjoy clothing again. To go back to how when looking for a new dress and having to choose the perfect fabric and the perfect fit and having it made by a seamstress was a whole adventure in itself.