The Brand


Designing each piece is for us a path drawn into a more sustainable fashion standpoint. Choosing only natural, biodegradable and recycled fibers in our collections has become the backbone for the brand. 

Ever learning and ever evolving we look daily for better solutions and better fabrics from closer sources and that won't be a contribution for the damaging of our planet, might the clothes end up somewhere in nature. 

We only deal with responsible sources and we support and demand fair trade from our partners. Our collections are either hand made or manufactured by professionals within Europe. 

We want from the beginning to express radical transparency about our supply chain. Of where do our fabrics origin from and in the future we will be linking every single manufacturer that we will partner with. 

Our main near-future goal is to be 100% natural and organic and entirely plastic free when we ship our designs. We feel that as a fashion brand is our responsibility to help fight climate change with every little step we make, be that step in how we design, in how we manufacture or even how we ship our collections to partners and to clients. 


"Love yourself, but love the planet first."

- Dina L. Andersen, founder and creative director